Hawaii hotels are issuing single use keys to prevent guests from venturing out of rooms

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A two week quarantine looks pretty good with a view like that.

Hello room service!

I’m assuming that the state controls airports there. They could revoke gate privileges to airlines who fail to suspend flights to the islands. I’m guessing that it’s really too late.

Maybe the hotels themselves should cancel rooms booked by out of staters.

Single use keys seem, well…

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Having people booking into hotels seems like enough of a red flag that someone is not going to be quarantining themselves for 2 weeks.


Just make all booking for less than 5 weeks illegal. 2 weeks in quarantine when you get there, enjoy your mask-covered socially distanced week of doing ??? then two weeks more in the hotel to quarantine before flying again.

Don’t like it? Can’t afford 5 weeks off? Well me and my parents don’t like dying so STFU and stay at home until this shiat passes.

Our annual Maine lake vacation rental just got canceled so we went to Ocean State Job Lot and bought a $500 pool because kiddos need to swim (hell, we’re not paying for a vaca so why not). No black-sand beaches, no amazing sunsets, no awesome hikes. But here we are…

Just trying to keep them sane. I don’t even know what the psychological effects this is having on a 8 y/o and a tweenager. Hope they come out of this okay.



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The surface 1% of this is a really cool idea. But then you think about it for half a second and wait, why are private hotels now the enforcers of this state health policy?

And what are the odds they’re going to enforce it? “Sir, can you explain why you left your room?” “Because!” “Very good, sir. Here’s another key.” I mean, seriously, what else does a desk clerk earning $11/hr. do in that situation? This isn’t a 1930s movie; hotels aren’t semi-independent kingdoms with their own detective squads and legions of uniformed bellhops to act as a militia.

Also, too, I think I might just be able to think of a cunning way around that door-locking-behind-me problem if I were a stir-crazy traveler. Oh well.


The Hawaiian islands are the most beautiful place I have ever visited but I decided not to return because tourism destroys them. I hope this quarantine period gives the environment & the locals time to recover.

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I haven’t looked into it but i recall an early study indicating that kids are having more anxiety during the lockdown, which makes sense but long term i wonder what that’ll look like for them. Additionally i’ve seen articles talking about how parents are often not taking the time to really answer kids questions about whats going on and being honest with them so i’m sure that is also negatively impacting some kids psychologically.


If the state is locking down, what are hotels doing being open?

That’s just one more example of what’s wrong with the Federal, State, and mostly local government’s absolute indifference to this virus. We see the idiots in TX yesterday at the beach, while the cops do nothing. The selective enforcement of mask protocols nationwide which invariably harms people of color. It leaves it up to poor people making minimum wage that have to do double duty as cops - without any protection beyond a thin piece of plastic at best. Having to face-off against mentally unhinged gun-toting lunatics that gladly and without thinking follow any number of completely arbitrary laws (drive on the right side of the road? Why can’t I drive down the middle? WHO decided that we should drive on the right - in England they drive on the left, libtard, and they do just fine!) designed for everyone’s safety, but being asked to wear a mask is tyranny of the highest order.

The Republicans won, folks. Our federal government is a joke. States don’t take it seriously, so why should anyone else? It’s a shame that everyone can’t live in nice places like a lot of us do - nobody ASKS to be born in Shitholia, USA and get raised by racist assholes. But that’s what happens when you take away that central authority. They got what they wanted, and in typical fashion now that they got it, THEY WANT MORE.


Guy slips out in a bath towel to get ice from the machine. Click. D’OH!

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But I needed to fill the ice bucket.

Some of the all inclusive places in the Caribbean kind of are.


We’re trying our best but it’s tough when they start screamlly crying when I explain that some people they know and love might not make it through this. Especially their grandparents, and even their dad (me with 1/2 collapsed lung). Kiddo’s turning 8 tomorrow. No party, no friends, no bouncy-gym, no sleepover. The crying at night cuts to the bone.


Ugh, I feel for you. My 8-year-old is having her ups and downs, too. It’s super-hard to explain this to a kid. We just keep focusing on, “someday this will be over.”


Many parents are trying their best and i sympathize. I only have to worry about myself, if i had to go through this and keep a child from going batty i would be pretty drained. Shout out to anyone here with young kids, you guys have it hard.


Unfortunately, the millions of bots spamming Twitter, Facebook & Instagram with travel promotion stuff about hotels and destinations (with likely useless affiliate links) haven’t been turned off.

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Asked my Maui fam back in April about beaches

Majority of the states money is from tourism. Without substantial federal assistance, like most of us, they are walking a fine line between financial collapse and stopping the spread.

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Last time I was there, I fell in love with the place pretty hard. That they still keep a tradition of resistance to colonial powers is one of the main atteactions of the place. I sincerely hope their return to normal includes a nontrivial degree of native autonomy. Maybe a lucrative lease agreement to the haoli for letting them keep the navel base, and all else reverts to pre-captain Cook ownership.

True enough. I still hold out some fantasy of getting wealthy enough to buy some land in the harder-to-reach parts of it to go retire, though.