HBO's "The Stroll" is a testament to Trans strength

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From the Guardian story below. Some of us don’t forget things like this. It was quite evident at the time.

“At one point the film shows a segment filmed by an up-and-coming RuPaul, as he joyfully skips along The Stroll with a film crew, saying: “I asked some of the girls – boys – girls, whatever, if I could take a look inside of their world!” chirpily laughing at his own degrading jokes. For Lovell and Drucker, unearthing that bit of trans history was surprising, even to them.

“I think it just goes back to RuPaul’s claim that, when he has been held to account for excluding trans people in the past, the claim is always that ‘we were all in it together back in the day, we all come from the same place’,” said Drucker. “And that clip just highlights that that is not true. To be able to take the drag off is a privileged existence, whereas when you’re committing full-time to living a trans life, you – especially back then – paid consequences.””

Worked with Sylvia Rivera for a bit in the 90’s - on the board of the old NTAC.


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