Video tour of Buffalo Bill's house

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I know from the OP that the well isn’t there but if it was I am imaging how it would be described in real estate speak.

Rustic sunken circular guest room with dumbwaiter will be the centerpiece of this charming…


Is there any chance that we don’t keep publicize this really unpleasant bit transphobic writing?


Location Location LOCATION!


More like a tour of the house before Buffalo Bill moved in. I am dismayed with the lack of gloom, hoarding clutter, and roaming examples of Mr Acherontia Styx.

Thanks for posting and I think the underlying premise that trans women have been demonized systemically in ‘pop culture media’ is incredibly destructive to trans women and men alike.

I believe ContraPoints presentations of these ideas is more ‘engaging’, (a useful political strategy to getting a message out beyond your base), and deeper in the analysis.

Unfortunately the ‘snark and eye-rolling’ in Lindsay’s videos distracts from the ideas. The presentation of cis men vomiting on seeing a penis at best is just a bunch of clips without any meaningful commentary… how pop culture identified this as a trope and then what it means. When Family Guy has this trope re-presented with a dog vomiting for 90sec around a mistaken sexual encounter with a trans person I would feel this is an inversion of the trope ‘eye-roll’

Eye rolls never help an argument… sorry

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