Christian extremist mom performs anti-trans hate rap


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Was this taped in one of those shopping mall make your own karaoke music video stores? She seems to be reading off a prompter… It’s so bad it is hard not to watch… But it is still less awful than anything by Victoria Jackson… :astonished:


Soooo why are we supposed to watch this? I’m sure there are hundreds of videos (and someone will probably post a link now) of dogs licking their rears. I’m not interested in them either.


It takes away from time better spent watching cats do adorable things.

When it comes to loudmouth Christianfolk I find Matthew 6:6 to be the most appropriate verse:
“when you pray, go into your room, close the door”


Christ, what an asshole.

On second thought…

late stage capitalism.


Soooo why are you commenting on a video you aren’t interested in?


OMG Alberta, stop it right now! First the #kudutah and now this… stop it! You have Nenshi, and an NDP government! Just stop this nonsense already! You’re embarssing us!


The video stream died on me about 30 seconds in with the message, “An error occurred. Please try again later.”

I’ve never been so happy to receive such a fortuitous sign from a deity I don’t believe in that I shouldn’t continue to abuse my earholes with such tripe.


I turned it off after 20 seconds. . . I guess I’m intolerant . . . intolerant of horrible rapping.


Your image scaler is still choking on animated GIFs. Any fix in the works?


Probably to express disappointment in Boing Boing…?


We all have an aunt Alberta, don’t we?


What’s so bad about making an anti-trans-hate rap? Everyone should be opposed to hatred directed at trans people!

(watches video)



I’m kind of liking the glitch.

Anyone else think this woman looks like a young Kim Davis? :wink:


Great post, but about the gifs


Why, this rap isn’t anti trans-hate at all.


At least Phife Dawg never had to see this. Or maybe he did and he died of fremdschämen.


Maybe we shouldn’t look to the animal kingdom as a guide for human behavior, as this woman suggests. Here are some things animals do:

  • Male sea otters rape baby seals to death.

  • Dolphins gang up on porpoises and beat them to death.

  • Male chimps will dismember and eat baby chimps alive to drive a female into estrus.

Of course, none of this is much worse than behavior condoned in the Old Testament, so the Christian extremist mommy rapper might not find this a convincing argument.



Well, I watched it all the way through. Sadly.

I don’t doubt her sincerity. Who would make such a spectacle of oneself if not fully invested in the issue. The irony of it all seems lost on her, though.

There is a timeless quote in there, however.

“I…am…a concerned…mother of three.
Keep male and female washrooms… so our children can PEE…”



Alberta is our Texas and our Florida.