He-Man was an aryan superhero animated by the son of a Jew who personally beat up Hitler


Who lived (and died) in Edgar Rice Burrough’s racist planned community, apparently (the animator, not He-Man).

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I’m guessing the mobile Wikipedia link was unintentional, but I was for a second pleased with the idea that Wikipedia might embrace a more minimalist site design.


Even though the Wiki entry for the toy line points toward Conan-with-the-serial-numbers-filed-off as the inspiration for He-Man, I wonder if Steve Gerber’s Thundarr the Barbarian had a role in MOTU’s general background and appearance; Gerber conceived of his series as a sort of tribute to Jack Kirby’s Kamandi: the Last Boy on Earth (which in turn owed much to the original Planet of the Apes movies), and Kirby did some design work on the series, although the main characters were designed by Alex Toth. MOTU has always struck me as an inferior version of just about every other Kirby series ever.


I wonder what he would have thought of this. The animator, not Hitler.

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Most notably, he provided the voice to “Dumb Donald” on the long-running Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.

I always loved that voice. As if the “my pop punched Hitler” thing wasn’t cool enough.

@halloween_jack_ I loved Thundarr, but I was so young, I really only remember the opening sequence.

@Jardine the bit at the end with the kitchen. gets me every time.

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The wikipedia article says:

He died from the disease at his home in Tarzana, California on October 17, 2013, two days shy of his 85th birthday.


Not buying the ‘personally beat up Hitler’ thing. Why would anyone have to leave Germany “in the early 20s” for doing anything to Hitler? He was in prison on treason charges until the end of 1924 ffs. That, plus as if every jew alive wouldn’t love to tell this story.

Does anybody know why He-man was so clearly gay?

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Somebody might eventually add the citation needed…

Why 2014? He died last year.

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