Watch H.R. Giger's fantastic home stereo commercial from 1985

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I suspect the “evil cherub” motif in one of these sketches inspired Lynch’s own vision of the Harkonnen aesthetic.


Ahhh… the 80’s Japanese tv ad. It doesn’t matter that the commercial has nothing to do with the product, just as long as the product is featured at the end.


Jodorowsky’s never-made adaptation of Dune… how can I cross to the alternative timeline where it was made?
BTW, Chris Foss was commissioned to come up with designs for Jodorowsky’s project, too (IIRC).

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Check out the documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune!

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Giger also inspired the overall look and feel of my yard:

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With a bit of Tarkovsky mixed in as well!

If you haven’t seen this, yr gonna love it. A Korean bank commercial with traditional instruments, break dancers and a DJ doing Pacobel’s Canon.

To be fair I bet that people who live in universes where David Lynch’s Dune was never made probably think that sounds pretty awesome too.


True, true…


There’s a little video shop in LA called Maximum Overdrive that might have a copy, it’s kind of their thing. It’s run by a guy called Kasabian.

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I love H.R. Giger.
I actually met him in 2009 at the opening of an exposition about his movies design work in the german Film museum here in Frankfurt. What a cool fellow he was, and his swiss german dialect was droll.

Pic is Giger and me.


Unsurprisingly, the big 怪物 in the corner means “monster” (kaibutsu).


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