Headline of the week concerns genitalia


Crossreference to http://boingboing.net/2013/10/17/you-are-not-so-smart-010-perv.html?

Headline of the week concerns amphibian genitalia

So, where’s the headline about the amphibian genitalia?

All I saw was one about a fish.


Shouldn’t that be “fish genitalia”?

It spends most of its life in water. But it also can be found out of water living in human palms. It’s an amphibian!


Being around predators changes the shape of mine, too. Well, or the position, at least. I imagine it makes it instinctively try to draw back closer to the body to be as protected as possible.

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No surprise here. Being around my ex changes mine from an outtie to an innie.

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