Big Mouth: Fish Scales



Never heard them called that way. Regional idiom?


This is a six page story, page 5 is missing

oh it’s fixed now. Thanks

I don’t get the last panel. Why wouldn’t he simply ask for condoms or get them from the rack?

Because he learned the slang terms

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Now is this a Denny story we all like?

Sounds like the most uncomfortable condom ever.

Pre- about 1985ish (someone older correct me?) they weren’t sold ‘on the rack’, you had to ask for them. Using a slang term for them also implies more worldliness and like you’ve had the need to buy them many times before.


And GODS FORBID before the 80s if you asked for them and even though the store had them, you got the WRONG PERSON who wouldn’t sell them to you because it was SIN or some tripe like that…

Because it was embarrassing to ask for condoms, so they made up euphemisms instead.

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First panel, that was pretty much me from sixth grade on.

Mm. My thought process went: “Oooh, a science comic! Neat!” <read “Dennis Eichhorn”> “Oh. Never mind, it’s just gonna be a sex joke.”

It’s not a bad sex joke, at least.

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Early models were made from intestines and bladder, I suppose that may have included fish.

And now, let’s just all take a minute and say thanks to Charles Goodyear for discovering a way of processing natural rubber in such a way as to make it elastic.

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More likely originated as a pun. A fish skin wraps around what you find in a codpiece, or something like that.

If you care about being heard/seen buying these (which used to be the case, and might still be in for younger purchasers or anyone else who doesn’t want their parent/spouse/preacher/whatever to know you’re thinking seriously about sex), a less-obvious slang term is a perfectly reasonable thing . Think about other clandestinely-sold items; “Hey man, wanna buy some …?”

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The first panel confused me because I wasn’t sure how the the little hard bits that grow on a fish’s skin were going to help with this problem. The middle part confused me because that’s not a condom I’d ever heard. The rest of the comic failed plausibility when the kid didn’t question how three instruments for weighing fit in a 1" square package.

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I think you’re thinking too hard.


Reminds me of the scene in Summer of '42, when Hermie buys condoms, and lies to the pharmacist about his intention of making water balloons, if I remember correctly.
Or Ocsy’s great line, “Not even the best of friends go halfsies on a condom.”

…or perhaps not thing… think. What was I saying?

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