Interesting fish


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This fish is very interesting indeed. I’m hooked.


You know this is gonna end in a sea of tears, right? I bass that conclusion on the school of thought that claims @japhroaig will trout fish puns at the top of his voice, any time, any plaice.


Coelacanth stop myself.


Better not leave it to salmon else. Mullet over and see what you chum up with.


There is a ray of light though, eel eventually need to trawl other threads to annoy.


I’m breeming with pride on that coelacanth pun. Though all y’all probably think it’s a sinker.


It was pretty crappie.


Sea the amount of blood on that glove?

(Tiny pun added or else @japhroaig would disown me.)


You’ll poke your aye out, kid.

(also tiny pun added)


I could stop, but arowana.


It looks like the missing link between eel, sailfish and shark.


Maybe that’s just from that spiny dorsal fin. I’m sure the fish never manta hurt anyone.


Hey, you think chgoliz hates fish puns? One sec, I’ll go and Oscar.


@frauenfelder, do you see what you’ve done? I need professional kelp.


It looks more like a skinny barracuda with a fancy haircut to me.


A dab of punnery is good for the sole. I bichir not elver gonna stop, and there’s a whole grouper ’f us wahoos who don’t want you to. Nah.


It earned that nickname after researchers uncovered all the falsehoods in the study it published linking vaccines to autism.


Ooh, that’s good.


Ray of light?