A delightful cartoon about the "living fossil" fish, the coelacanth

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Some fishers said “Oh, yeah, we catch those sometimes but they taste awful so we toss them back”.


See the jaws on that thing? It could give you a nasty paper cut!


I have to point out that this is not a cartoon nor an animation, but a papercraft puppet theatre. Delightful, nonetheless.


Absolutely charming. (And possibly my second-favorite fish.)


Almost fifty years ago, there was a Scholastic Book about it, which I’d the one book I’ve read about the fish.

Even back then it was still a relatively new thing, only thirty years after they found the one that got noticed. I gather by now they know a lot more about it.

But I guess it always means hope. If something new can be found only 80 years ago, maybe there are still places in the ocean where aquatic dinosaurs or sea monsters can be found, it’s just a matter of not being in the right place yet.


In the Ulster Museum, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, they have long been exhibiting a Coelacanth specimen (or a mock-up). It’s famous. When we were teenagers, my partner and I used to visit the museum together, and say hello to the coelacanth. It’s a fond memory now we are in our sixties.
Updated to say: I shared the video with her. She loved it.


i’m sure if we try hard enough, humans can destroy this species also. we can do anything if we put our polluted minds and greedy money to the task!

Sad! If leetle fishie can’t take the heat, then it should build itself a spaceship and go find another ocean on another planet! Maybe it should start praying for legs. And guns, too.

I’ll just leave this here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fw9H0sv3xw4

Man I love the coelacanth. As a kid I did a report on it, and then a year or so later they actually found them in the ocean.

When I got a private tour of a museum in Colorado, I was shown a huge specimin they were cleaning for some place in Korea.

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I think I was first introduced to the Coelacanth via a Saturn(the car brand) commercial, and then via Animal Crossing.

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That video really made my day!

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