Penis-shaped pieces of candy shock and offend New Zealanders




I’m astounded that Kiwis are more prudish than Brits. Although I guess there is the saying, “A little more candy cock, please. We’re British.”



Thank goodness they didn’t get the lollipops too!


If they’re offended by the gummi dicks, imagine what they’d think of the cream-filled gummi dicks. Especially the extra squirty ones.


theyre just Jelly, baby.


In other news, New Zealand has been invaded by sugarcocks.


A simple symbol of male human anatomy. Some cultures are going to freak out, others not so much.


I am sure they were just dismayed they weren’t shaped like a sheep cock.


I lollie’d.


Gummi worms otoh, not disgusting at all. Oh well. Send them to Japan. I think they have a festival for that.


I can see how the reaction to the shape would be culturally specific.

But I would have thought that the reaction to one of the colors of gangrene would be more general across the globe.

Couldn’t they have picked more healthy-looking tones?


If your sense of calm and wellbeing can be shattered by a tiny piece of candy, you have bigger problems than the shape of candy.


looks at penis candy, shrugs, pops in mouth and starts chewing


“Go eat a dick.”

“Okay, they’re pretty tasty!”


Well I was going to make fun, but to be fair these goodies shouldn’t really be sold at the neighborhood 7-11. They were meant for a different product line, mixed-up bins, etc etc.

That being said, snrk snrk snrk.


How sad that such a golden opportunity to make limitless dick jokes has been squandered by prudish and mirthless Kiwis. :’(


In defence of my home country, this is just one person playing the “won’t someone think of the children” card, we don’t all think like this and there are sanctimonious dicks in all societies.

Having lived in both New Zealand and the UK, I’d class neither society as particularly prudish. But the British are definitely more openly ribald. There is a constant background noise of low level pornography (Page 3) and the laddish culture that surrounds it that isn’t as prevalent (or is more discrete) in New Zealand.


Did someone say “New Zealanders complaining about too many dicks?”


The only thing offensive about this is not the shape or symbolism but the empty calories in such candy. If it had more calories but more decadent richness of flavor, or was made of chocolate, I wouldn’t care what shape it came in. We all have our perspectives and hangups.