Only you can determine what tops the official Hallowe'en Candy Hierarchy


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This is the real reason we dress up like zombies and giant bottles of catsup. David Ng and B.R. Cohen present a survey to determine your favorites in anticipation of this year’s all-important hierarchical delineation of candy goodness.


It’s a good survey but could use some refinement - candy is really graded on a scale for example, which corresponds to which pieces get eaten over time, proving the remnants to be the least desirable.

Also, the Betty or Veronica question is incomplete - the correct answer is Midge.


For additonal science: zefranks guide to candy trading:

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The URL apparently needs to be on a new line to be embedded.


The fascist oppression continues unabated this year as Whoppers are once again ignored.


Still defending the candy corn and Circus Peanuts (I have one in my mouth right now).

Still perplexed at the absence of Abba-Zaba and Lik-M-Aid Fun Dip from the list.



Lick your what?


Powdered candy, and a candy stick you lick, dip into the powder, then suck.

Don’t knock it until you try it.


Ah. We had (have?) them in merrie olde england too.


@Donald_Petersen, I think that must be a modern version.

This looks more like what I remember.


When I was a kid, and couldn’t get down to the 7-11 to buy Lik-m-aid, I just ate whatever sugary kool-aid powder or jell-o mix mom happened to have in the kitchen cupboards. Sugar is sugar is sugar, right?


I tellya right now, wild cherry Jell-O powder is better Fun Dip than actual Fun Dip. Probably cheaper too, ounce for ounce.


Heh. Even in 1982, the Yankee kids looked chubbier.


Also, the Betty or Veronica question is incomplete - the correct answer is Midge.

Oh yeah, right–try that. Moose will kick your ass.


You can take the caramel covered granny smith apple from my cold, dead hands. That and popcorn balls are

#what make Halloween

If I don’t have an apple that is 2000 calories and popcorn that tries to rip my fillings out, then I don’t want to live here any more.


Silly! That’s for Guy Fawkes’ Night (which must be the only traditional Brit festivity I miss. Halloween can suck it)


I dunno what the American ones look like now. I think it might be this:

Here’s how they looked in the 1990s:

And this one is undated but old enough to have no URL on it:

But the one I remember from the 70s and 80s had the chubby freckled kid with his tongue sticking out.

Hmm. Tongue sticking out seems to be the theme.


Not to derail, but yes I have been to the Guy Fawkes in York several times. Had pickled leeks. (I think I’ve been to most pubs in the UK…)


A fine pub it is, too. Although there’s quite of lot of competition in York.


Perhaps I’d like Halloween / Trick or Treating more if they gave out beer instead of sweets.

I’d even take pumpkin beer to keep it on topic.


You need a bigger box to add unmentioned candies. I kept typing for a line and a half. Also, yes to the line for booze; not everyone likes mint juleps except for the alcohol content.