Double clitorises, spiked penises, and other reptilian reproductive parts


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Uhhhh…throat clearing


This thread is going to go downhill real fast…


This is great news for Abe Sapien.


“Stroking the Clitoris!? How about a nice, kiss, boy? What’s wrong with a kiss?”


Ever since I learned that Opossums have forked penises I will stop and let them cross the road out of respect. I mean man!, Ms Opossum has a bifurcated vagina. Damn! :grinning:

(I know, not reptilian but, hey it’s Friday.)



[Edited to hide preview image. It’s a surprise!]


Double clitorises

Well it doubles a guys chance of finding it.

What’s 2 x zero?


Face facts: as mammals, we will never be anywhere near as sexy as reptiles.


Reminds me of Double Dick Guy from Reddit (NSFW obviously)


Do they? I think you’ll find it’s us apes that have the “unusual” equipment.



The pictures in the article are a little disappointing in the ‘spikes & hooks’ department. Here’s the genitalia of a male European Adder:


You had me at “double clitorises”.


Do double clitorises result in an orgasm in stereo? Or just like, extra mono?


No wonder those reptoids secretly rule everything!


Is that a double clitoris in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?


i can finally use “second breakfast” as the innuendo i knew it could be.


I gotcher Hemi peen right here. Neat article tho. Hemi. (performance car parts for those of you who may not have gotten the joke)


I sat through a full double lecture on chameleon hemipenae, in full graphic detail, including some SEM scans, as an undergraduate. Next in that line was a double lecture on weevil genitalia, and their preparation.

I am a botanist. Did I mention that?

Sure I did.

Don’t ask me why.