Hear Terry Riley's groundbreaking 1968 remix of a soul tune

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“Breathtakingly modernist. Not for the faint-hearted.” (From the description – which is quite credible – at YouTube.)

Not my cuppa, but Riley’s A Rainbow in Curved Air blew my teenage mind back in the seventies, and still charms me to this day:


Also illuminating: James Tenney, who was messing around with digital recording tech in Bell Labs back in the 1960s. Here’s his mind-warping remix of Elvis Presley.

Collage #1 Blue Suede


Absolutely fascinating, but definitely keep this thing away from anyone with self-esteem problems. A nice reminder that my friends and I knew how to find strange stuff in college in the early '70s. I picked up one album simply because it featured a bassoon: Red Queen to Gryphon Three (Gryphon). Instrumental prog rock ala Gentle Giant with bassoon. Can be found on Spotify.

this cat was far, far ahead of his time.

He’s still active – the cat performed at MIT for his 80th Birthday Party show last April.

Terry Riley Performance Schedule.

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I’m gonna go ahead and assume you know Mort Garson’s Plantasia…but I mention it because it was what inspired me to finally seriously google how to rip audio from youtube (peggo.co, not some techno-wizardry) Moog goodness.

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