Hear the din of cafes, showers, crackling logs, and other great ambient sound sites


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The lovely sound of a fireplace is wonderful.


Don’t leave out MyNoise!

MyNoise includes a calibration tool to adjust to your specific hearing and headphones, plus slowly mutating soundscapes that never repeat, and the ability to mix + match different sound environments.

Plus, the Cat Purr environment with good headphones is like a concentrated dose ASMR.


I’ll be playing that cafe track in my office, so it’s always busy!


My favourite of all - Blade Runner Ambient Deckard’s Apartment Sound for 12 Hours



If you prefer things unlooped, there’s a lot of these on youtube:


Tabletop audio is good for board games.


Two out of three run on flash. That is just…horrible. http://occupyflash.org/

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