Heavy Metal band-name generator


Now I really want to read a Dave Barry column about this, specifically one that mentions how 69 TO JUDAS is a really good name for a rock band.

Until then I will comfort myself with Limozeen’s “Tonight Woman (We’ll Be Drivin’ Down Sepulveda”).


Taranchula was legit good.


I must be doing it wrong. I got Cloud Turnip.


Not sure if I should be offended or honored, but I’ve been working on this for about 6 months now… http://metalnames.tumblr.com/


It’s not bad…but I’d prefer AssbloodShed.

I like that the page is “in Norwegian”.


Both of these need to use a google API to find out if the band already exists.

Butt model and virtual patient to teach prostate exam

I got Bestiality Turnip
and the oddly somehow appropriate Mass Of Penis
Rectum School, why I hardly…


I just got SmellChurch and SwordPants in a row. That sounds like some kind of Let’s Play comedy duo.


Yours are less hilarious but much more likely to work as actual metal band names. I liked “Red Rigor” and “Fatal Faith”.


Machine Beard rules!!


Stoner Metal, dude.


I must admit that I didn’t LOL until:



Only took me until 69 With The Abortion before I came apart.

My own band names had their brief moment of glory. Porta-Party once played the Studio City Block Party shindig over on Radford. And Hung Fury had precisely one gig at S.O.M.A. in San Diego just over 20 years ago. Due for a reunion tour.


Finally, a useful site.



Who needs a name generator? Our name from back in the day: TerminalUrinal


Do John Scalzi & Will Wheaton know about this?




“Unpleasant Face”



Not if Dyson gets there first.