Heck Valentines Day just fall in love with some doggos


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These are puppers not full on dogos.
Full grown dogs are just as cute as puppys.

They are all good dogs brent


You’re speaking my language. :dog2:



I’m a cat person.


Should have contributed on caturday?

I say both cats and dogs enrich our lives, and are a Good ThingTM for different reasons.

Cats are for those who enjoy worshiping. Dogs are great for those who like to be worshiped.


But, but, what if you like cats and dogs?


For my dog it’s a cargo cult.


Can’t we just call them dogs?


Although I’m officially a cat person, I do sneak out and see other cute-and-fuzzies on the side from time to time.


Happy VD everyone!



The canine/Valentines Day playlist:


I didn’t know I needed that.


You darn cat people, go play in a litter box or something!


Just a BS holiday. We’re all pawns of the red dye industry.


Two for one fresh Russel Stovers boxes at my grocery store.

Yes I bought 2.

No I am not sharing.


This is always a good day to stock up on candy for next Halloween.


If you give out 12 samplers for Halloween, I will be at your door with multiple costume changes.


(This is my sister’s pit bull, Madison, who ended up living with an ex-boyfriend.)