Celebrate Wolfenoot, the new wolf holiday


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Happy Wolfenoot!


Awooo! Definitely going to celebrate this. :wolf:




I like it.

Before someone suggests the same thing for cats:


You know, I know, we all know, none of them will appreciate it. The best one can hope for is a mild sign of non-indifference or not knocking something off the table for a day.


Substitute “pets” in for “dogs” and I’m 100% on board. It’ll give us something to do while the Americans are having their much-belated Thanksgiving Day. :slight_smile:


My cat expects to be celebrated and worshiped every day. Designating a single day would be an insult to the fact that she’s always special (and will make sure you know it).


at the point in Earth furthest from any wolf…

But I suppose you’re not going to fire a child’s imagination with stories of a parrot that strips the rubber off of cars.


I like dogs and this…

…and wolves.

I get extra stuff!


See, there’s the problem in a nutshell. You expect cats to be non-indifferent, i.e. dogs.


No I expect cats to be indifferent. To be non-indifferent on they day set aside for them would be unusual, and the best you could hope fur. Er, for.


Eh. Let’s not water it down. giphy


I’m up for this and will totally celebrate but will probably need awoo permits.





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