Woman takes her two cats to visit Santa Claus, all does not go well




Shoulda taken them to Krampus. Maybe that would straighten them out.


When I was Santa Claus at a PetSmart, I had no such problems. I did have a lovely skunk to hold, and she got tangled in my (fake) beard. I thought that she might panic and bite me, but she was fine. The only other problem was a Bernese Mountain Dog who had never set foot on linoleum before, and could not keep his legs under him, as hard as he tried. I got down on the floor with him for the photo.


It’s common knowledge that cats prefer the Easter Bunny.


I think that it was probably the holiday sweaters – cats prefer to be au naturale…


Wow! Just look at the hairy pu-- aw, never mind.


Well that got weird fast.


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