Hedge funds gave Mugabe $100M for genocide, got platinum mines in return



Humanity is fucked. Utterly fucked.


Time to spank!

Are there ever any consequences for this kind of shit? Ever?


Of course there are consequences: a small number of people extracted a large amount of money from the pain and suffering of others.

  1. Fund Genocide
  2. ???
  3. Profit!

If you fail to make enough money to maintain your immunity, you might see some consequences. In a corrupt system, the ones you see on trial for corruption are the ones who are inept or unlucky in their corruption, not the ones who are most corrupt.


Ironically, part of the issue here is the targeted sanctions approach that the US and EU adopted for pressuring Zimbabwe:

U.S. sanctions do not block the Government of Zimbabwe as a whole, nor do they prohibit all business with the country of Zimbabwe or transactions involving that jurisdiction.

So the hedge fund manager invests in CAMEC. CAMEC’s principals are eventually put on the sanction list, but only well after the investment.

BTW, the EU is in the process of abandoning its sanctions on Zimbabwe. The US not so much, but the targeted nature means they were of extremely limited effectiveness anyway.

For being a such crazy MF, Mugabe really did a good job of flipping off the entire world and getting away with it.

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This is the problem with capitalism. Capitalism is a system where not caring about anything other than money is directly built into the framework. In fact, to compete you cannot really be a moral being.

And it’s not just the corporations and banks who make this crap happen. It’s all of us. We all want cheap goods and we don’t look too closely at what the human cost of those cheap goods is.


So, its unrealistic for me to expect that the Hedge Fund managers, and the investors directly involved in this would be punished. Can’t we at least see them exposed and shamed?


At what point does it become morally acceptable to crowdfund a hit man?


Unfortunately phase 2 in this plan is completely known:
2. Get sweetheart deal for mineral rights from genocidal strongman (see phase 1).


let us not forget that a corporation CAN inject morality into the framework when the company is closely held and believes that women should not have health insurance that pays for a basic and commonly used medication.


I see. But that’s really immorality, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

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Over the past couple of weeks I had been thinking the same thing. Not to actually carry through with it, but to use the absurdity of it to gain some publicity for said evil.

@lava: they are exposed, so that’s one. but i doubt they can be publicly shamed, since they probably lack the ability to feel shame.

“Our only responsibility is to our shareholders.”

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yes, definitely. if the hedge winds up losing too much of its california pension money, then the consequence is the tax payers will have to bail them out.


I suspect the answer to that is bonds…right?


Anyone else flashbacking on The Dogs Of War?