US journalist insulted Zimbabwe president, could face 20 years in prison


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Freeze Peach 🍑 (USA)

Make Zimbabwe Great Again. #MZGA


:anguished: Jesus christ…


Don’t tell me, Trump is now Mugabe’s biggest fan.


This is the future conservatives want.



Her bail was set at $100 billion, but they couldn’t make change for a $10 trillion bill


"the offending tweet referred to a ‘goblin whose wife and stepson bought a Rolls Royce.’"

That offends me too.


Well, when you live in a country that doesn’t have the equivalent of first amendment rights…

Not defending it, but this is a good reminder that US laws do not apply in other countries.

Also, I heard that Mugabe is not really a goblin, but is actually a hagfish in disguise.


Mugabe. Your eyeglass frames suck. So there.


Really? You’re going to ignore the ridiculous, fussy little moustache and go for the frames?


Eyeglass frames are my go-to reference for good/bad taste. Hirsuteness speaks to other things.




Wow. One of those I was not expecting. Thanks for sharing!


All I’ve got is that I once found myself at the intersection of Nelson Mandela and Robert Mugabe Avenues.


I imagine Trump; is on the phone to this guy trying to find out how he can get laws like that here since making it up as you never seems to work for him. (His attempt to have some news show’s "license’ pulled after they honked him off.)


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