Zimbabwean authorities call for extradition of lion-killing dentist

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lol. of course he would get a fair trial in Zimbabwe*

*this is not an endorsement of the piece of shit in question.


Oxford University had a grant worth about £600,000 to study Cecil which they’ve now lost 90% of since the animal was poached. After Zimbabwe is finished he should be extradited to the UK and/or sued for the damages


He’ll probably negotiate a monetary settlement. If he can afford $50k for a tag, he can cough up $1MM as a fine/settlement. Oh the worries for the 1%.


Is there any reason he shouldn’t be extradited, though? This is pretty much exactly what extradition is for.


Legally? Maybe not, because there is an extradition treaty between Zimbabwe and the United States. I’m not so sure there should be though.


I can understand if people might have reservations about the fairness of a criminal trial in Zimbabwe. But, if you do, maybe you shouldn’t travel there and commit crimes?


I won’t lose much sleep if this guy ends up in prison there, my worry wouldn’t be about the likes of him.

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From the looks of his “trophy” room and membership in Safari Club Int. (since revoked) there must have been a lots of people in MN with lots of rotten teeth and lots of $$$$.Where did he get the time? Did he do speed dentistry? Did he only pursue animals with teeth? So many questions. If he gets shipped back to Africa we probably won’t get to ask him.

Reminds me of this:


The Zimbabweans should let a pride of lions try the guy.

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Can’t be any less “fair” than a trial in the US with all those special secret courts (espionage act trial, secret FISA courts etc.) you got there.


When Fish & Wildlife starts using the FISA courts, I’ll back you up on that.


He enter a trial in Zimbabwe, because he broke their law in their land.

What’s hard about that? Am I missing something?

Send the fuckers all our dentists.

Send him.

It isn’t as though all he did was pull the bowstring/trigger whatever. In all likelihood he witnessed/aided in the activity with the collar and did/said nothing. A trial is a good way to find out his level of involvement and if that reaches criminal conspiracy to commit or cover a crime.

Fuck him pretending he’s legit. It’s highly unlikely.

This is a much better PR move than actually holding the hunting guides accountable.

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Meanwhile, five endangered elephants were killed in Kenya, nobody cares because they didn’t have human names and their killers were faceless locals.


Illogical and odd are the ways of the Internet Outrages.


Amid the outrage and jokes this has been something that’s been on my mind, and was even before this: how do we change things so killing endangered animals is no longer economically rewarding? I don’t want to let the dentist off the hook, but the guys who took money to lure out a lion bear some responsibility too.

This was always on my mind back when I grew exotic plants, some of which were endangered in the wild. Too bad you can’t tissue culture an elephant.