US dentist blamed for killing beloved lion in Zimbabwe


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(sigh). . . humans.


Christ, what an asshole.

Seriously, fuck that guy. And fuck the entire “business” that profits from this shit.


Would it count as murder if someone devised a way to lure Palmer into a den of hungry lions?


While I support properly sanctioned hunts that are monitored by the game reservations for population control, it looks to me he used a pretty sneaky, underhanded and I assume illegal method.


Its not murder. Its nature. Lions will use every part of the dentist. Thats what makes it OK.


I killed a bird with a BB gun when I was 13. My friends were really good shots and I was jealous. When I finally got one, the elation lasted about two seconds. And then I decided I really hated that feeling. I freaking love guns, but have never – will never – go hunting again.

(I’m for hunting for other people, mind you, but deal me out).


More American exceptionalism.


I killed a bird with a BB gun when I was 13 also. Must be a rite of passage thing or something. I buried the bird and the gun in the same hole.


Roger That!


“‘You know the difference between a dentist and a sadist, don’t you? Newer magazines.’ -Seinfeld”


One of the most tragic things about this is that it will most likely increase his business. There are other sociopaths, like him, who have a bloodlust that cannot be slaked in ordinary ways, and they will see the reaction he has gotten from people who still retain their souls, and they will be drawn to him. What’s the collective term for a group of sociopaths? I’m going to suggest Dickbag. He’s going to attract a whole Dickbag of Sociopaths to him. Heck, Scott Walker lives one state over, he may have to travel to get his teeth done by this massive egomaniac prick.


Paging Dr. Evil…


I try to remember Jon Ronson’s thing about public shaming in dogpiles like this, but it’s hard to understand the perspective of a wealthy dentist (?!) who flies to Africa for some white man safari fantasy (?!) and kills a lion for sport.

There’s at least…seven things wrong with that picture.


The sadists I play with will respect our negotiated boundaries and my safe word. Also, I have to give money to my dentist.


The question here is the extent to which he knew this hunt wasn’t properly sanctioned. If he knew exactly what was happening he should do jail time, but if he was skilfully conned I don’t see him as any different than any other big game hunter.

Either way I’m reserving judgement as these Internet outrages very often turn out to be fundamentally wrong.


I can’t remember a time when this seemed more appropriate.


A giant asshole who should be shamed by his community and all thinking people? That’s how I think of ALL “Big Game Hunters” from Minnesota.


Apparently, he is claiming that he was misled by his guides about the legality of the hunt.

American dentist regrets killing Cecil the lion, blames local guides


I wouldn’t be shocked if this were true, but a) that lion was collared & the hunting party tried to conceal it & b) I fail to understand how big game hunting for “trophies” is ever okay.