Minnesota kids get creative to protest lion-killing dentist

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Too bad the sociopath will never care about all these expressed feelings. He might act like he cares at some point, but that would just be another calculated strategy to achieve some desired result.

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I heard he’s permanently closing his office. Good.

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Somebody needs to go lecture those kids about how the Second Amendment is the only thing standing between them and the Reds. (On second thought, it;'s probably already happened.)

Another here is yet another reason for kids to hate dentists.


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Let me get this straight, a man goes onto a private ranch to hunt animals he paid to hunt. The guide service doesn’t get the necessary tags and also baits a lion off a refuge and it is the dentist who is the evil man.

One question to the protestors, how much money did they give to Zimbabwe to conserve the African animals? A large portion of those hunt fees are suppose to go to conservancy. Yes animals will die but unfortunately in this world the price of conservancy is placed on the back of hunters.

There is more than one bad actor here. The two other poachers have been jailed already.

Well this ‘hunter’ shot a cash cow under circumstances which have landed everyone else involved in jail. What do you think of the way the cat was baited?

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Yeah, the people he hired put him in a shitty situation but he is receiving little sympathy because he f*cking kills lions, ones that have been baited and lured into an easy trophy kill for a rich white trophy hunter. So yeah…F him.

The world cannot afford to cater to douche bag hunting any species that has been proposed to be put on the endangered species list. Hunting animals like deer, that have large populations, for food is one thing, and fine by me, but this type of large game trophy hunting just doesn’t have any place in the world anymore if we want to conserve the remaining species.

Also more importantly:


When you travel halfway around the world to hunt, you rely on your guides to guide you. Many of guided hunts have happen where the hunter did not know an animal was being released from cages behind a bush.

Let’s wait till the investigation is completed and the dentist is indicted and found guilty of poaching.

As for baiting to harvest animals, it is an efficient way to hunt. In some cases it is the only way to hunt to ensure a proper culling to keep a balance in population. I just question how much of this hunt was done behind the curtain of the Hunter and how much he witnessed.

You might want to read a bit more about the dentist in question. This wasn’t his first endangered/threatened animal barrel-shoot. Also not his first brush with the law related to his “hunting.”

Let’s be clear, baiting an apex predator is to “hunting” as tossing a lit stick of dynamite into a stocked pond is to “fishing.”


When you travel half-way around the world to hunt endangered species, you’re a reprehensible, poor excuse for a human being, period.

Any culls of such species has to be done by trained personnel after actual planning and management. Not by rich thrill seekers with no morals.

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“Kill,” dude. The word is “kill.” Harvest is what you do to your garden vegetables.

Dude: a man extremely fastidious in dress and manner or a city dweller unfamiliar with life on the range; especially :an Easterner in the the west

I do not fit either of those terms and never will. In my life I don’t indiscriminately take animals. I harvest animals. Just like trophy hunters don’t indiscriminately take animals. It is a harvest just like taking only
The ripe vegatables off the plant.

So harvest like the transitive verb or to gather, catch, hunt, or kill (as salmon, oysters, or deer) for human use, sport, or population control

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