Lion-killing dentist vs. Donald Trump's sons: spot the difference

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Uday and Qusay have better teeth?


(1) it’s night; (2) there’s two douchebags instead of one; (3) they are not topless.


That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all week.


Those pictures are awful. Why anyone would want to kill such a beautiful animal I will never know.


Testosterone poisoning?


That people still think he’s a billionaire?


The dentist made the mistake of killing an animal with a name. That makes a huge difference in the hearts and minds of the people.


These rich assholes don’t hunt. They pay a ton of money to be hand-held by somebody that actually knows what they’re doing and just have to pull the trigger then get their picture and trophy.


Didn’t think I could dislike Trump more, but somehow, impossibly, now I do. The scary thing is that he’s reproduced and scumbaggedness seems to be hereditary.


Agreed. Take a camera instead of a gun. You can still get the thrill of stalking/hunting/waiting/whatever. Snap a picture, there’s your trophy, and everyone gets to go home.

I guess some people need the ego boost of killing or destroying, in order to feel strong. Maybe they get a serotonin dopamine fix from it.


I’ve been hunting, it’s got it’s pros and cons. I don’t hunt because I would feel compelled to eat what I kill and it really is a lot easier to purchase and spend my time doing something I enjoy more, like not hunting.

I don’t get these “big game” hunters particularly big cat hunters… it really is no contest, so what gives? You can’t eat it, or you could but you won’t enjoy it.

If you need a guide, or several guides who actually locate the prey, corner it and flush it out for you to shoot, or who just leave bait and put you in a blind… is there any sport to it?

Hiking in Big Bend back country (with back country/off-trail hiking/camping passes, keep to the trails if you don’t know the score), while tracking (for fun, not hunting) a pack of javelina, I realized I wasn’t the only one. There was also a female mountain lion. I had been careful to follow the trail of the javelina while staying above the dry creek they were tearing through (it isn’t hard to track these!) where they found lots of succulents and cacti to tear apart for sustenance, mostly for the water in them. The mountain lion was following them or me or both from above my position, a higher ridge than my own that followed the same line.

I saw it a few times before deciding to break off and head back to my camp. I was equipped with a knife and a staff, the creature definitely had the advantage unless I were to stop and combine the two & combine them well.

It was a real thrill, being outclassed, treading the line between prey and quarry. I decided that if I ever did hunt, which by then I had long decided against since hunting as a child/early teen, it would be with at most a spear, or a bow, but not compound, and solo stalking, no sitting in a stand (did that when young…booooooring).

I never have done that, life takes many turns but it hasn’t ever turned that way for me since then. I’ve only hunted been hunted by people, in circumstances social for the most part thankfully. But I still remember that day and how it felt to be stalked myself or perhaps only between prey & quarry. She was definitely aware of me, several times looking directly at me as I looked at her through binoculars.

IMO, big game hunters are cowards doing nothing more than attempting to display status. It isn’t hunting they do, their guides do that. They may as well be suckling pacifiers and having their diapers changed for all the control they give up or don’t have the capacity for on their “hunts”. And for that they want a trophy?


He’s the Joffrey Baratheon of Presidential candidates. I just want to fast forward to the royal wedding already.


These are clearly both 'shopped using the same wild cat to replace each roofied woman


Yeah. I felt sick to my stomach when I saw the pictures. Why? I just don’t understand why. As a kid I was vehemently against hunting of any kind. Then I took a conservation wildlife course and decided some hunting is okay and necessary. And I’ve come to terms with hunting for meat if you respect the animals (I’ve known some who hunt for sport but do use the meat, but the joy they get from it makes me uncomfortable). But this, hunting something rare, hunting something just for trophy, going so far out of your way to hunt something different, I just can’t wrap my head around. It is sickening. A disgrace to the human race. We should be better.

Any chance we can kick this alleged class warfare into gear and start hunting millionaires? I’m fairly sure they’d prove to be better sport than a rhino.

Plus, Trump’s hair is already taxidermied, so that’s a timesaver right there.


eat the rich?


<3 for the Trump’s hair quip.

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About 15 years ago, a friend of my ex-husband’s came over with one of his old friends, a woman who was a park ranger in Vermont. She talked with us about how the deer need to be culled and if they are not, they starve to death, which she said is a horrible thing to see. It really changed my mind about hunting deer, and in Vermont they give any kills - even roadkill animals - to poor people. Apparently it’s a very poor state.

My husband hunts - not so much these days but he used to - and most of his friends do. It’s not for me, but I do think they have a lot of respect for nature.

But growing up in Alabama, there are definitely those that do it in a way that is not respectful.

This trophy hunting is disgusting though. My husband and I did talk about how at least these big game hunters provide a legitimate way for the countries to make some real money and often these animals are bred to be killed. But why people want to come and do it I will never understand. It is gross, and he agreed; it’s not sporting. Go to a zoo and appreciate their beauty.