Hedgehog art Though the Ages

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I’m speechless! Thanks @beschizza! You are awesome!


While I assume most everyone knows, I’m the author. Feel free to ask me anything.

Here are a few more of the more than forty works included to give some sense of the scope:

If you’d like to look inside, there’s a pdf here:

The point of the thing is entirely the physical artifact since I’ve already posted all the art. I’d much rather people know exactly what they’re getting into before buying it, and perfectly pleased if you just want to read it for the heck of it. I’m highly biased, but I think some of the writing’s kind of funny, and the art alternately delightful, funny, and sublime.


Personally, I would like to see Modigliani’s Hérisson Couché (Reclining Hedgehog). I hear it broke auction records.


While I was visiting with family in the last couple of weeks, I learned that my nieces (3 and 5) love hedgehogs. I saw books, stickers and stuffies. They are totally getting this book for Christmas. OK, maybe it’s a little for their mom also, because she is an adult and has some grasp of art history.


Why hedgehogs and not cats or sloths or other internet favorites? Don’t know if hedgehogs sell books …

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Awesome! Thank you so much! If the wee ones like hedgies they’ll hopefully enjoy some of the art even without grasping the art-related context, and hopefully mom enjoys it as well.


Oh, it won’t sell a lot of copies, but that’s not the goal. I didn’t make it to make money. I made it to share art I’d been making over the last year in the hopes that some would enjoy the art and commentary.

Also this was more of a test to get a feel for putting a book together. The long term goal is to make a children’s book (that’s also hedgehog-centric) that I pitch to publishers, so this is just a step along the way.


commentary? I’m intrigued … could you provide an example - the linked pdf doesn’t seem to work (for me at least)

EDIT: I’ll take that back. pdf now readable again.

Sorry, we forgot to watermark the original pdf, and when I replaced it the URL changed. I’ve fixed the URL above, and here it is as well:

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We miss you, Penelope. Thank you for the memories and the inspiration for some amazing artwork.


Honestly, I do always feel a tinge of sadness seeing the works with Penelope in them, but I’m glad I have something like this to do her memory proud. She was such a sweet little being. Jeez, getting a little teary-eyed writing this… Carrying on, the collection also has works with Perdita in them, so we’ve bridged the gap there. Every work I’ve made since Penelope’s passing uses Perdita as our model. I couldn’t do it any other way.


can you please fix page 4? the wording ought to be This Page Intentionally Left Blank

(also page 6, I am not willing to scroll further down until this horrible wrong phrasing is corrected)


Page 4 is Invisible Sculpture with Hedgehog (Andy Warhol, 1985).


A certain hedgehog art critic author’s spouse was worried about intellectual property theft after the author mentioned the BB post and the spouse discovered that an original pdf was actually just a low quality proof of the whole book posted with no watermarks. While the author was unconcerned about anyone stealing works that they’d already posted all over the internet for free mostly in the hopes that people would enjoy them, given the fact that their spouse was concerned, the author posted a hastily updated version with some watermarks in images, minor textual changes, and a few pages were intentionally not left blank. The non-blankness of a number of hitherto blank pages was part of this nearly clever watermarking scheme. Alas, the author’s now at work and can’t update the pdf to update the nearly clever semi-blank pages to meet the ISO standard of pages intentionally left blank.


Think big Farbian! Henry Ford didn’t change the world selling wagons!


Think outside the box.


Glad you finally made the main page.


Thanks! It’s actually our second time on the front page, though we’re always very glad to get featured:

At this point we own the BB ‘hedgehogs’ tag 100%:


Mine arrives Thursday from Amazon. I’ve already prepared shelf-space near eye-level. :eyes: