Hedgehog Facts


a collection of fascinating facts about the best animal

Sadly, Walt had to remove the hedgehogs he originally put in his films due to complicated licensing issues.

…sometimes also afterwards…

“Looking sharp.”

The truest fact.

More advice than a fact, really.

So far as we can tell…

They also hedge their bets.

What's the story with "gross?"
What's your morning pick me up?

I’d also be very grumpy if my first cup of tea was Lipton.


Fair point. The circumstances required Lipton, else we’d have used something better.

Have you tried Lipton Thé Caramel though? It was surprisingly good. They don’t sell the same one in the US/UK, so you have to go to France (or wherever else they sell it), but we really liked it and grabbed a few boxes to bring home.


100% gnarly fact.

Fun fact: Hedgehogs stand for liberty, justice, and equality.


I’m surprised that’s fact #420.

I’d think fact #420 would be related to other subject matter.


Have you met any surfers?


What font and size are you using?


That’s how awesome hedgehogs are. While everyone else is toking, they’re shredding it on the waves.


It’s Gotham bold, font sizes are all over the map since the different images have diff’t DPIs/resolutions. I accidentally used Gotham book instead of bold on one or two.




Oh yeah… this was what hedgie goodness I needed today.


Here are four more to make the day that much more hedgie-ful

A startling fact:

Caution, beware of this fact:

A fact about poetry expressed in poetic form:

And a commercial fact:

The most desirable shirt ever available to humanity is here, just in case you were wondering, no pressure at all:


And does not ship internationally. :frowning: Probably a metaphor for something or other.


Yeah, Amazon blows. We put our things on Redbubble which isn’t as cheap, but ships internationally:

(There’s actually a bit more on Redbubble, since Amazon saw our Hedgezilla poster and thought we were using an actual Hedgezilla movie poster and were infringing)


And does have non-ridiculous shipping charges. :smiley:
Sorted. Proud to be supporting Her Highness’ Presidential Campaign.


Thanks, and HH offers her thanks as well!