Hedgehog walks nonchalantly away from the explosion behind it


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I don’t know any personally, but based on the pics I’ve seen thus far, that actually looks pretty chalant for a hedgehog…

Hurry Home Hedgehog indeed…


Princess Pricklepants doesn’t give a fuck…


I’m guessing the part where the hedgehog nonchalantly ditched a cigarette into a pool of petrol was edited out.


@nemomen’s propaganda aside, hedgehogs are nasty motherf#@&3*s.


I think that this is one of those situations where ‘running like hell, slowed down’ resembles; but is not identical to, ‘strides with majestic poise and purpose’.

That hedgehog is clearly moving about as fast as having teeny wee hedgehog legs allows.



Of course it is. That is a clearly a Michael Bay set.

So. Many. Explosions.

So. Much. Bad taste.


Miss Pricklpants if you’re nasty…




Little known fact: Donald Trump is just a bunch of hedgehogs dressed up in a suit.


It’s a shoop - I can tell by the pixels.


They don’t want you to know the TRUTH about hedgehogs!


Is that your safe technician leaving your home?


So what’s the photographer’s excuse?

A huge explosion and ball of fire!
Oh look, a hedgehog.


Fractal prick.


Yet more evidence that they refuse to share the hedge.


Hedgehogs are delightful little creatures that eat slugs and snails that are too big for the frogs I cultivate in my pond. If I used Facebook, I would unfriend @OtherMichael forthwith, but I don’t, so I will merely curse him to reverse into a porcupine.


True Fact: ISIS was kicked out of the HLF* for being moderates.

*Hedgehog Liberation Front


I am beginning to suspect that you are not entirely serious.