Splish splash it's a hedgehog takin' a bath ♪♫♬


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I don’t think he’s splashing. I think he is keeping an eye out for one of those giant air bubbles to help catch his breath every once in a while.


After reading all day about international nuclear war, intranational subterfuge, racial divide, lawsuits, gun violence, and Glen Campbell’s death, i finally exhaled. A bathing hedgehog may have prevented a stroke just now.


Someone should tell Xeni that what appears to be a hedgehog playfully splashing in a bathtub is actually a stress response.

/s, I hope


Obligatory RIP (on the BBS) @nemomen


I was going to say, it looks like a paddle reflex. My dog had it. he would keep paddling even though you lifted him up out of the water.


No worries-- I have it on good authority that a hedgehog can never be bothered at all. https://wiki.lspace.org/mediawiki/Hedgehog_song


I stopped watching the news. It’s liberating.

I watched an old family video from the 80’s the other day. There was a bit where the Dad’s were in the lounge talking politics and it made me realise that there always has been and always will be political conflicts and potential wars. Back then we were kids so were blissfully unaware but that didn’t change anything - we all still made it to today. The only difference is that the Dad’s were stressing about things they had no power over and we (the kids) were not.

In 20 years we’ll be watching a 2017 retrospective and reminiscing about the North Korea threat while in the real world a new threat will exist.


Hedgehog with uncombable spines has Instagram account.


Hedgehogs look like they were designed by Tove Jansson.


Advance nostalgia may be the ticket to temporary sanity.


“Advanced nostalgia”. Perfect :slight_smile:


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