The hedgehog and Bath thread


Per @nemomen:

Bath is great!

Hedgehogs are super!

Therefore, hedgehog baths are SUPER GREAT!

Top Trump strategist quits, writes an open letter warning America about him

Bath sucks. Buxton is where the cool kids are.


Yeah, but nobody likes hedgehog buxtons.


That point is unassailable.


Hedgehogs don’t really like baths.


The roman baths in Bath were really wonderful to visit. No hedgehogs, though.


Depends on what time of day you go. Hedgehog bathtime is 2pm sharp.




Uhhhhhh, did one or more of those hedgehogs have an ‘accident’ in the bath? :frowning2:
Or were they just really dirty?


They often find bath time so distressing/relaxing/hedgehog-mood altering that the poop their pants, only they don’t wear pants. I usually do a multi-phase bath since phase one usually winds up not really cleaning.


So how do hedgehogs make love?

Very carefully.


I understand at least Roman soldiers were less into hedgehogs and more into tortoises.


But the British used to like hedgehogs:

(They were actually flavoured with pork fat)


Well, these are critters that spread foamy barf on themselves when they find something they’re unfamiliar with, so they’re not too concerned about keeping clean.


(considers doing a Google search for Ron Jeremy in a bathtub but thinks the better of it)


Yes they do like to anoint with interesting smelling things, Her Highness gets especially excited if she manages to find a bit of toothpaste before we get her away from it. In the wild they maintain sanitary measures that hedgehog society deems fit, but in captivity we hold them to a different standard which they resent.


I probably should have been to Bath at some time. I’ve been through it on the train, if that counts. Don’t like the rugby team much.

But I do like Buxton.


Did you ever want to play questions?

I wanted to get a hedgie but my research showed that 100% of the year my house is an uncomfy temperature for them so I didn’t. :frowning:

Have yet to go to western Europe. One of these days.


Grumpy is the head that wears the crown.