Hedgehog art Though the Ages


Thanks! It’s actually our second time on the front page, though we’re always very glad to get featured:

At this point we own the BB ‘hedgehogs’ tag 100%:


Mine arrives Thursday from Amazon. I’ve already prepared shelf-space near eye-level. :eyes:


You are awesome! And not just because you bought a book that I’m glad you bought.


Penelope and Perdita are a welcome respite from the madness in the world. So thank you.

Keep us updated on the children’s book. I’m always on the lookout for good gifts for my niece (8 months) and nephew (4 years).


Man, when the election ended I initially was depressed at the results, but also sad (though obviously less so) at my crap timing for finishing this thing. Now I’m okay with it since I can help others in my tiny way with dealing with a world gone mad. At least the little book is the good kind of ridiculous weirdness. Not depressed at the election any more, now it’s time to fight.


It is a glorious item to hold in one’s hands.

Thank you for your efforts. Sadly, last night was not amenable to perusing the book, so I shall have to wait until tonight to sit back with a glass bottle of scotch and enjoy it.

(corrected quantity based on early projections as to how today is going to go.)


There’s no question I’m going to buy the book, but I’m a little concerned because it’s the kid who’s still at home who wanted a hedgehog, and this is not going to help things.

We already have a dog, and I’m overwhelmed enough in my life that caring for an unusual pet is probably a bit too much for me right now.

But of course she’s going to get this as a gift. There’s no way I can’t do it!


They are a bit of work and wind up being a parent responsibility. They do need some special care, esp. in temp. control. If you’re too busy it’s not fair to the little quill-beast.

You can tell the wee one the horror stories of poop boots and things. I can give you a litany of horror stories if you want, mostly involving hedgehog poo and pee. :slight_smile:




Exactly. Animals are living creatures, and in a place like Chicago TOTALLY dependent on the humans around them to keep them safe and warm.

She’s nearly 6’ tall and in high school, so I don’t have to resort to poop stories to convince her…I can use actual logic! (Yes, I still call her “little one” as a pet name and people look at me like I’m nuts.)


Oh, in case anyone has seen the magnificent/lovely/delightful artworks somewhere and feels compelled to get a tee shirt based on one, many are available here with more to come quite soon:



Her Highness was quite pleased to discover that BoingBoing noticed our delightful little book.

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