Heimdal Thor cleans up viruses, blocks future malware, and may just extend the life of your computer

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coyote@Pintsize ~ % csrutil status
System Integrity Protection status: enabled.

Thanks but I think I’m good.

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So, exactly why should I pay that much more money for things (mostly free) that are already working? Esp. If I have never, ever heard of it.


BoingBoing Shop for when garbage recommendations for bad software isn’t good enough, we shill for them too.


Low prices are nice, but I’m not exactly tempted by cuts so deep they resemble “Going out of business” prices.


It seems to be relatively common in the software world, indicating either that a newer version is in the pipeline that will cost you, or that nobody wanted it for the original price so they are hoping a low price will attract enough purchasers to offset the difference. After all, there are no manufacturing costs, no packaging to worry about, so the only real running cost is keeping the download server up and running.


You can also get anti-virus from US, Germany, Russia and Vietnam.

Any word on discounts for the Loki suite? Sometimes it protects you from malware, sometimes it is malware.


Anyone who would pay for unproven personal security, instead of the many excellent free offerings, is a fool and/or idiot. And if you’re not vetting proven products for a business… Well, “fool” and “idiot” simply aren’t insulting enough for your actual intelligence.

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Proposed third alternate:

It’s a placebo price. Never expected or even actually offered at the higher price, the big numbers are there only to make the smaller numbers look like a bargain.


I work for a reseller and I’d have to agree with this. I don’t think anyone ever buys at the list price; our sales people spend a lot of time trying to get the best possible discount from the vendor (typically through deal registration).

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speaking of virus protection…


Seems like a social hack entirely worthy of the 19th and 20th Team Defcon CTF World Champions in hacking. How on earth are you supposed to weigh that in an evaluation of whether you trust that company or not?

If your computer is named Pintsize, I really think you need an antivirus. You really never know (don’t want to know) where he’s been.

I don’t ask questions. I just wipe him off before I touch him.

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