How Panda Internet Security keeps your devices safe online

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Now! Snake Oil! For half of the full Snake Oil price!

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I hate business models based on monetizing fear. I see so many people who get spooked into running no less than two AV suites, a malware scanner, and a disk space optimizer and then they wonder why their computer is a piece of shit.

Windows Defender and an aggressive ad blocker is all most people need.


It’s kind of creepy that two of the leading anti-virus companies are, or were, run by Scientolgists.

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You could go with McAfee, Kapersky or BKAV (from Vietnam).

I couldn’t figure out the difference between the free/pay Pandas except for a spam filter.

From a 2002 Scientologist-only mailing list:

Since I installed Panda, it routinely catches and disinfects at least 4-5 viruses a day!

And I’m thinking, “My god! Whatever you’re doing on the Internet, stop doing it!”


How is Panda different from / better than Malware Bytes?

I wonder if they would they accept a few pounds of bamboo shoots and leaves as payment instead of greenbacks.

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