Hell on Earth: how to imprison a person for 1,000 years



UK Tories ban sending books to prisoners

In its belly, you will find a new definition of pain and suffering as you are slowly digested over a thousand years.


This might be a good idea if punishing criminals actually did any good. Which it doesn’t, as can be seen from the recidivism rates. How about a drug to lift entire communities out of poverty and ignorance?


What about an eternal prison sentence, in other words, a Hell on Earth? Who would deserve such a sentence?

Walder Frey. Seriously, fuck that guy.


What about an eternal prison sentence, in other words, a Hell on Earth?

Infinite punishment for finite crime? Sounds immoral to me.


I don’t think recidivism rates matter if you can sentence someone to infinity.


DS9 was there first.


I’m pretty sure I saw an Outer Limits episode with David Hyde Pierce with that exact premise. It was horrifically depressing.


With the near limitless utopian possibilities of virtual simulations, it’s stuff like this presented as a good idea that makes me want to blow up computers. This has to be the most extreme example of Benthamite small mindedness I’ve ever seen, where every technology is judged on it’s “utility” to exercise social control.


Am I the only one who thought of this?:


Hey, here’s a bright idea:

If you can simulate 1,000 years of hell for bad people, it should be easy to feed in 12 years of memories a happy, enriched childhood to kids so they don’t end up as monsters in the first place.

Shiny things exist! And Brainspore is handsome and mad with power! Meow

I’ve never really understood how this was supposed to work. Does the Sarlaac magically keep the contents of its stomach alive? Even ignoring how, wouldn’t the energy required to do so outweigh the energy it could extract from the victims?


“In the US, for instance, the vast majority of people on death row appeal to have their sentences reduced to life imprisonment. That suggests that a quick stint in prison followed by death is seen as a worse fate than a long prison sentence.”

It really does not surprise me that someone with reasoning this poor ended up as an evil philosopher.


I think that was a case of Lucas not thinking things through. Imagine that.


I could see that being the kind of supercrime that would justify an eternal sentence.

In actual application - ‘anyone who I dislike or disagrees with my great policy ideas.’


Right. As if solitary confinement weren’t already damaging enough.


Incarcerated Ground Hog Day?


Christ. Just think, someone is paying this ninny a salary. Maybe I committed some crime, and I’m currently on drugs that have made me forget it, but believe that I live in a world were such simple-minded drivel receives news coverage. It must have been a pretty heinous crime.


‘‘The G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate that we added to the air processors. It was supposed to calm the population, weed out aggression. Well, it works. The people here stopped fighting. And then they stopped everything else. They stopped going to work, they stopped breeding, talking, eating. There’s 30 million people here, and they all just let themselves die.’’


Double Infinity plus 10, to run consecutively!