Hellish desert crater has been burning for 40 years


More than one Gate to Hell.


It would be cool (hot?) if there were a way to harness the heat from the burning gas to generate electricity or something.

They delved too greedily and too deep.


Even more entrances to hell. This list is quite comprehensive:


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This is what happens when you dump a lot of napalm into a Sarclac pit.


Do they charge tourists to throw rings into it?

Hmm…might be a good business idea. Quick! Bring me my eagle!


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Sunnydale, California?

Oooh! Thats pretty.

Are the smores done yet? I don’t like mine too burnt, just a little brown around the edges.

I call BS on any carbon tax booyah until they put this damn thing out.

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Turkmenistan isn’t big on tourism. They don’t grant tourist visas to anyone unless you have a guide, and they usually don’t grant visas for October, when their independence day is (as one travel agency in Ashgabat claimed: "a lot of foreign dignitaries come to honor us, and we need to have high security). The crater is in the middle of nowhere and there’s virtually no tourist infrastructure surrounding it.

Energy efficiency really isn’t a concern there, as they are a major gas exporter and hugely subsidized gas is used to placate the public. Household utilities used to be free and every person/vehicle would have a generous quota of free gas, with over-quota gas still being extremely cheap (it was 6 cents per liter when I was there), though this is changing.

Geez, those tire fires are a bitch to contain.


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