Man camped at Turkmenistan's "Door to Hell" and shot video of it


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until I see a video shot vertically, it didn’t happen


“Door to Hell”

Pretty sure that’s in New Jersey.


I thought it was in the Trump Tower.


I recommend that you read the blog post this video is attached to. Talks about the craziness that is Turkmenistan.


Wouldn’t oxygen displacement downwind be dangerous, considering the size of the crater/fire?


Pff, anyone can take a picture of a door. I want to know what it looks like on the other side!

Kidding, that thing is so crazy/creepy/cool.


It’s burning slowly with soft flames. The air there must be thick with partial combustion products, since the wind is strong. Like tons of soot and more pernicious, carbon monoxide.


The door to a thing can’t be in the thing, can it?


Sure, otherwise you’d never be able to get in or out.

Of course, in hell, they call it the Door From Hell.


What is it about the gates of hell that compels people to walk into them?- Crow T. Robot


So what is it on the side of that crater that keeps burning? Presumably, any vegetation burned away long ago. So is it the sand and rocks that are on fire?


I that that’d be called an elevator, which i think would satisfy the criteria of the door being within hell.




AKA the Holland Tunnel.


I wondered why there was no toll coming back to the Jersey side, but I paid through the nose to go to the New York side. Now it all makes perfect sense.

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