Hello Kitty Avengers


Aragorn, son of Arathorn, in The Avengers? I have missed a lot of issues, obviously…

Are the Winter Soldier or Nick Fury technically Avengers?

Just remember - they aren’t REALLY cats, they’re cartoon characters.

Apparently he’s standing in for Black Widow?

Nick Fury’s weaponry cracks me up, too, because such things exist IRL

Such things tend to be marketed “for the ladies”, naturally (ick)

Ooh, ooh, these were marketed as “Valentine’s Day gifts” apparently

People are weird.


When my daughter got old enough to start picking out her own clothes she leaned heavily toward Hello Kitty, but I noticed she seemed to be mixing it up with at least one other pop culture figure as well.


I have to say, that magenta suit is sweet. I assume he’s the villain, since he doesn’t have giant wings and a mask?

I’m sorry, I thought the Walking Bronies that was the thing now. My mistake.

I want to see Odin now, he’d have the much better eye patch.

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