Star Wars and Avengers collar clips


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Nice - but I was hoping more for Mrs. Peel.

But, who isn’t?


I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone wearing a “collar clip” before, SW/comics-themed or no. this is a formal item? decorative?


Come on, @awjt! That’s low-hanging fruit!


Also paging @Mister44


awjt? Eh?


There are no known instances of Diana Rigg in a banana suit. This is the closest it ever gets:

Sorry to disappoint.


What are those things? Is that a British thing? I think… didn’t Vanilla Ice wear something like that?

Still… it has his face… I’ll probably buy it.


If I wore those, my kid would rip them off in a hot second and bolas me in the head with them like David slaying Goliath.


4 year old?


A mere 2 and full of the devil! But suuuuper cute.


They’re cute so we can’t kill them. I an convince it was an evolved trait.


Not to this Brit’s knowledge. Never seen 'em before this BB post.


A strong Gale would blow them off the tree!


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