Help a Happy Mutant go to a summer art program


Hello, I don’t usually do this, but my best friend from HS got married and his step kid is a pretty talented artist.

He got a scholarship to attend a summer program at the KC Arts Institute, but even with that, they are short.

I wish he had an online portfolio, as his work would make Cronenberg or Clive Barker giggle. There is one sample on the go-fund-me page.

Sooo, if you can spare some change to send this kid to art school camp, please do so.

Feel free to ask questions.

Thanks much!

Here are some pics from his mom’s FB.

The BBS Lounge

Talented kid!
Hope that he makes it – looks like he is on his way…


Felix is talented, indeed. I’ll give some change. Thanks for the link!


Those sculptures are really something, and getting into a program like that is a good goal. I can put a bit toward it.


Thanks everyone who was able to help! I am sure she will really appreciate it!


Thanks again for everyone who helped. He was able to meet the goal!


Yay!!! So happy to hear this!


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