Help EFF and Muckrock find out how your biometrics are being tracked

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I don’t think the systems exist yet to collect biometric data from people on the street, let alone compile an exhaustive database. Last I heard, face recognition was still at the stage of “yes, it’s a face, probably.” Am I wrong?

Face recog reportedly got quite better, though still lacking.
There are other things like gait recognition, too.

Aren’t they still hypothetical? I hope I’m not raining on the paranoia parade, I just don’t think Big Brother can do all the terrible things we are afraid of yet.

They don’t need to bother as they’re steaming along quite nicely and doing more than enough horrible shit to ‘us’ with truncheons, guns, poorly conceived laws and a lack of meaningful leadership.

That said, it’s not paranoia if you know they’re all watching you…

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It’s said to be improving.

Also, the face-tagging on Facebook and other related things can serve as a suggestion of the performance.

I’ve seen ads for a site where you can upload your photo and it will “find your twin.” My first thought was, who is paying the bills? Who needs a database of a million faces?

Maybe they don’t need a database of so many faces per se, but the database is necessary as a training data corpus for tuning an algorithm for face comparison. Kind of like how Google Voice was getting voice samples for their engine.

Yes, you’re wrong.

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