Help Nebula Award winning author Eugie Foster meet her cancer bills


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Head and neck cancer is its own specialty. Often the first sign of cancer is when it has spread to the neck lymph nodes.

Or donate to whatever person in your in life is affected by this horrible illness and isn’t likely to be featured in the media because they aren’t a minor celebrity. They probably need it just as much, if not more.


I have enrolled RMSF in the “Kindle Bookmatch” program so anyone who purchases or has previously purchased it as a print book from will be able to get the Kindle version for $2.99, which is $4.00 less than the normal list price of $6.99

What? Is that really how Amazon sells e-books? Because I was under the impression that when I was buying a book, I wasn’t really just buying a physical object, but the rights to read that book, as well.

By what warped logic should a digital copy be anything other than free for people who already bought the physical item (and correspondingly, rights to access the work)? After all, Amazon gives you free MP3s when you buy a physical CD - this is EXACTLY THE SAME thing.

these sad stories are all too common in the USA. It’s a double whammy…a devastating illness, then the resulting financial ruin. Land of the free etc…as long as you don’t get ill or have lots of money


Well yeah, but so is getting a free digital video copy of a video you “buy”, too. Which I guess they… sort of… do?

Come on, Obamacare.
See also.

Done. Happy to help.
I’ve loved Smashwords ever since I found Emma Bull and Will Shetterly had their Bordertown books available there. Now if we could only get the rest of the series available as ebooks.

you know… I’ve given to those at work with cancer… and a couple of them I don’t know personally. I still found a way to offer help to this person simply because someone I respect asked me to.

regardless of how I look at this… you come off as an asshole and I feel that I’m better off as a person for not knowing you.

My knee jerk reaction was to agree–then I read over some of his past posts to see if the pattern held. You might want to read September 2’s. .

I’d cut him some slack.

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