Help wanted: Director of Technology Policy for Consumer Reports

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If I was qualified I would jump on this, it sounds like a dream job!


I am not qualified. But unlike other lazy interneters I am not willing to let that slow me down!

PM me for start date!


about time Consumer Reports evolved


First order of business should be to stop being hypocrites and remove all trackers from their website. Use something self-hosted hosted like Piwik instead.

Hint, hint Boing Boing (google analytics, quantcast, scorecard research)


My recollection is that Consumers’ Report and their parent, Consumers’ Union, use far fewer trackers than most. Disclosure (I’m a member. They are the one discretionary subscription I pay for every year. I love them without reservation).
I just bought an 8" PFOA-free fry pan based on their recs. I would be happier than a pig in slops if they’re really gearing up to tackle the realm of electronic appliances in a 21st century manner. They’ve been treating it all like so many toaster ovens for years. Of course with toaster ovens & fridges getting microchips… they’ve got no choice anymore. To fulfill their mission they have got to start to deal with the issue of software and its myriad flaws.

I am also a paying member. And before they had a website I was a magazine subscriber. That’s why their hypocrisy with respect to trackers bothers me so much. They are principled in nearly everything else they do, for example buying their own test samples and fighting any manufacturer that uses their test results for promotion. But their use of trackers is unprincipled and hypocritical given their reporting on privacy issues with trackers. They know better.

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