Henry Cavill is leaving the Witcher

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Sorry to hear he’ll be leaving. I can assure you, my wife has said there will be no fourth season of the Witcher and it’s a shame it ended at three. No, no, don’t try to mollify her with some false season that never happened.


That seems like the wrong answer :disappointed:


You can’t just change a horse in midstream like that.


I guess not enough people tossed coins at their Witcher. But in exchange we get more Cavill as Superman, so I feel like it’s worth the trade.


I don’t know Mr. WB, I’m pretty happy with what I’ve got going on. Oh… that much money? Why yes, I think that the future of cinema is in the DC universe of dreary and joyless films.


I am really hoping that the recent change of putting people that make enjoyable movies at the head of the DCiverse is going to change this all too accurate description of the mainline Big Three movies (sorry, the first Wonder Woman was fine but still too Zack Snyder influenced for me to enjoy visually).

I really want to see Henry Cavill have a chance to play Superman - not whoever it was in those Zack Snyder movies. I want to see the guy that adorably builds gaming rigs shirtless on youtube and goes on about Warhammer in mainstream interviews more in that character. Henry Cavill is so capable of excellent “from the comics” Superman and Clark energy that he has never been allowed to bring to the character

ETA: And I now want a scene in the next Superman movie of Clark playing Warhammer 40K on a large table with super nice miniature terrain and landscaping…and the Bottle City of Kandor in the middle of the table


Actually, it seems enough people did that Netflix is willing to chance a fourth season without Cavill in the lead. Unfortunately, I think they are vastly underestimating just how much it was Henry Cavill in that role that made it all work and there’s no replacing him.


I seem to recall that Cavill himself was disappointed that he didn’t get to play a smiling Superman; he always thought one of the more appealing qualities of Superman was his optimism.


Jesus, dude, how about putting a big spoiler for a completely other project right in the first sentence with no warning?

But that’s cool - the movie’s been out for, what almost 2 weeks? Surely everyone who will ever see it will have seen it by now.


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Livery: Blue and Red
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