Here are all of the times the Simpsons have referenced Bob's Burgers

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“The Simpsons only condescendingly referenced the Griffins through gags that seemed more spiteful than inspired. Now that both shows have reached legendary status, The Simpsons have not only softened on Family Guy but their peers as well.”

The Family Guy gags seem more spiteful than inspired, and it an appropriate acknowledgement of the show would be spiteful than inspired. Everybody is the but of The Family Guy’s jokes, and I think that is why it is both hated and loved. I think the show lacks heart. Bob’s Burgers has heart, and an appropriate way for acknowledgment of that show should also have heart.

The shows are all so different. The Family Guy is a set of gags strung together with a few narrative strings. The Simpsons is it’s own world now and in many respects is it’s own sub genera that nobody else can enter. It is vast in it’s smallness. Bob’s Burgers is more like I Love Lucy, or perhaps a well written sitcom, and I’d think it might be a hit, even if it were live action- well maybe not, because no live show could have a budget for that many locations.


Also news: The Simpsons is still being produced.

I don’t know anyone who still watches The Simpsons, but a ton who watch Bob’s Burgers.
Am I missing something? I gave up on The Simpsons over a decade ago.


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