Lego Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart Building Kit


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What? You can’t, in the last TWENTY FIVE YEARS spend 23 minutes to watch an episode and find out on your own if its a good show? WTF?


Don’t take it too literally. Anyone who’s been around the internet in the last few years should be familiar with the secondhand opinion-meme that it used to be good, now isn’t. “Is it still around?”


I just want to know if the kit can distribute an all-syrup Squishy.


Well I haven’t either, but I can vouch for the set. It’s LEGO.


The phrasing reminds me of an article from The Onion.


You got trolled so hard there is no word in any non-troll language to describe how hard you got trolled.


So if you happen to hold an opinion that goes against, what, the majority / fan belief system, you’re now easily dismissed as a meme? Is that how this internet thingy works?


I remember Mark not watching an entire episode of the Simpsons in 2011 on this:


Mark is just trying to make sure we always have plenty of topics to argue about to keep the comments lively!



Which episode do you recommend?


Every one from before they completely sold out.



Season 4, episode 17, “Last Exit to Springfield.”

Alternatively, anything from seasons 1-8.




The other way around! The opinions easily dismissed as memes are precisely the ones spread so far and wide as to become laughably familiar and predictable (you know, memetically so), regardless of the merits of said opinions or their dismissal. I think.


Needs a Lisa figure, without her we wouldn’t know that the hot dogs are vegan and the rooftop garden even exists.


The Amazon link didn’t work for me. The link has a good fold-picture, where you can see the hot dog machine and Snake Jailbird.


My favorite episode is the one where Bart Simpson starts wearing nerd glasses and founds a zine called bingbing.


I’m not sure what depresses me more - the fact that this is $200, or the fact Lego thinks 1USD=1GBP, making this £200 instead of £130…