The Simpsons' Springfield, USA in Lego


This is great, I love the Simpsons and I love Legos. They got off to a rough start but ended up pretty funny by the third season, too bad they went off the air around 10-12 years ago, I suppose it saved them jumping the shark though.
I still wonder why they never made a sequel or two to The Matrix, or a fourth Indiana Jones, or the promised Star Wars prequels, funny that. I bet they would have been amazing.
(edit) where’s Waldo challenge. find HISHE hero cafe cameo
(edit2)Arrested development too! (another one they never made a crappy sequel to…)
(edit3) WTF dead bird?!?!?


I understand why the glacier is gone, but where is the mountain? and the monorail? and the tire fire?

impressive regardless.

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This build was at Brickworld this year, and it’s much better in person because a lot more details get added when its on display. You can peep at every single nook and cranny.

Basically what I’m saying is keep an eye for lego conventions in your area, and if one shows up, go. It’s fun even if you don’t have kids. A lot of these builds tour around the country and end up in more than one show, so odds are good you’ll get to see it.


I like how this model implies that Homer goes to his job at a power plant across the street from his house.

I seem to remember it being right in front or behind in a going home from or to work commute gag.

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That’s pretty impressive.

Love it! Quick, someone with a 3D printer whip up a Lard Lad figure and send it to him.


Ooo SimCity!

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in “homer the great” the stone cutter episode

“Homer arrives at work quite late and pulls into the last available spot,
right on the end of a row. From the other side of a fence, Bart waves
to him from his bedroom window: “Hi Dad!” Homer makes dismissive noises
and walks towards the power plant entrance. As he gets close, Lenny and
Carl pull up in their cars into parking spots right at the entrance.
“Hey,” asks Homer suspiciously, “how come you guys got such great
parking places?” Lenny answers quietly, “It’s a secret.” Carl tells
him “Shh! Shut up!””


Sequels to the Matrix?!?! There’s no way any kind of sequel to the Matrix would even make any sense. Those Star Wars prequels, though; surely they would be awesome! And another Indiana Jones movie, what could possibly go wrong?


And the sequels to the Neverending Story.

That would be like dividing by zero, surely?


Yes. Resulting in infinite awesomeness, which by the third sequel collapses into a black hole surrounded by an accretion disc of pure despair.

Sounds like when I used to be able to go out on Friday & come back on Sunday…

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No Highlander? Go on, give that dead, rotting horse of a joke another few whacks.

Or that the church is in the front yard of Springfield Elementary.

This is an impressive build nonetheless.

It’s totally canon, then.

I’ve been simpspwned

A week and two days! Now that is a party.

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