Here are the cutest frogs on the internet

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Wait a minute, it’s not Wednesday.

I’m boycotting tiktok. After being presented with multiple adblocker-defying popups demanding I log in and sign up the other day, I’ve had enough. I’ll watch vids posted [embedded] on tumblr and here, but won’t visit the site.

I get my cute frog fix here:

Roofing Expert Round Frog has been hard at work… | Sticky Frogs



I do it just because the format is grating.

Thanks for providing alternative frogs! :frog:


That perpetually-in-portrait-mode’s a pisser. Just wretched. Another thing to loathe about it.

Dunno whether this FF extension is available outside the US - Click for frogs

tumblr has provided its users with various temporary “enrichments for our enclosures,” as one had it, including falling snowflakes on our dashes, musical Christmas bells, and musical frogges one Spring. Folks figured out songs on them, and wrote out how to play 'em in their blog posts.

One frogge fan created the above extension.

tags on tumblr - click for frogs

tags on tumblr - tumblr frogs

Many showed their love and appreciation of them.

tags on tumblr - tumblr bells

Me upon seeing “enable 1-8 keys to play bells”

I imagine both types of songs will work with the frogges tophat-biggrin

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Unfortunately I did not have a banana on me

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