Here are the impressive results of doing 100 squats every day for 30 days


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TIL already fit and healthy people in their 20s who exercise regularly can get slightly more fit if they exercise even more.

EDIT: Also, where is Tim Ferriss? We really need to be doing these 100 squats in same 20 minutes a day we’re doing all our work, conducting community outreach, brainstorming new startups, cooking gourmet cuisine, and dating.


Right? Why all young’ns?

Aren’t squats pretty tough on the knees?


100 Push-Ups
100 Sit-Ups
100 Squats
10KM Running (that’s 6.2 miles)



As a very definitely fat programmer in his mid 30s, walking every single day to and from work (roughly 10km total) and some more in, doing this very minimal very light kind of exercise for the past 4 months has netted me 16kg of weight loss. I know, n=1 experiments and stuff, but turns out actually doing something instead of overthinking it has turned out pretty well.


It makes your underwear smaller?


10k of walking a day is a similar workout to a distance runner’s training regime. You probably don’t get the same benefits for heart conditioning, but low intensity burns lots of fat.


I’m not seeing the difference in the legs there. Especially after noticing the subtle scooching-up of the shorts in the second photo, possibly to distort the appearance of the results.

Also, doing squats correctly (even for squats enthusiasts) and so not doing horrible things to the cartilage in your knees sounds about as possible as sighting together Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and Jackie O:

And who exercises one area like this? Doing so you could theoretically end up with the legs of a speedskater and the arms of a bowl of cooked spaghetti.


I really, really need to start something like this. Even if it is just small…


Keep it up. If you can achieve a calorie deficit on a programme of light exercise alone what you’re doing should be your current limit – approx. 1kg/week is the most that most people should be losing per week to stay safe. Once you reach your target weight try to stay within 2 kg or so of it, which might mean reducing your walking regimen (not so easy once you’ve gotten used to it).



Why not just do the One Punch Man Workout?


yes - which is:

100 Push-Ups
100 Sit-Ups
100 Squats
10KM Running (that’s 6.2 miles)


(all in a row, no long breaks).


Sure, but think how many calories you could have burned by nitpicking the small steps others are taking to make themselves healthier and/or feel better instead?


I am in no shape to start exercising.



Weak legs are crippling for older people - but squats are difficult for people with bad knees - and most old people have bad knees.


Be kind to your knees…you’ll miss them when they’re gone.


fellow programmer / walker to work here

The great advantage to this exercise program is that it’s usually more hassle to skip the walk than to just do it. I’ll still take public transit in deep winter or when sick, but usually it’s easier to walk. My biggest obstacle to any kind of exercise is just deciding to actually do it, so this has been good for me


Which does not mean, the Internetz say, that old people shouldn’t do squats.