New years resolution: getting fit


  1. no daily weigh ins, make it weekly at most.
  2. You can measure anything, not just weight
  3. Note the date
  4. You are not required to play

Jan. 1: 227lbs, 6’3" (when not slouching)
Goal: 195

I’d still be ten over, bit that is where I always felt best. When I was 175 I felt sick all the time.


It wasn’t a new years resolution for me, but I just joined a gym last month. I started eating healthier about 6-8 months ago. I was diagnosed early diabetic a month or so later (knew that was coming).

I haven’t been killing myself over it- Just added more salads, reduced my carbs (simple things, like wraps instead of sub rolls), and cutting dessert / sugar snacks from a couple a day to one every week or two. I give myself regular cheat days about that often as well, and have generally been trying to use more natural, unprocessed ingredients. All that makes it feel less like a diet, and more like a lifestyle change.

The biggest thing was quitting soda- I switched to sweet tea from McDonalds, because they’re ubiquitous enough that I could pretty much always have one on hand. After a while, I started ordering them half-sweet, and finally unsweetened. At this point, I mostly drink water and unsweetened tea. I’ve had one or two Thums Ups since then as a treat, but I’ve completely lost my taste for Coke and Pepsi at this point.

So far, I’ve lost around 40 pounds. I went from a little under 310 to 270.
My blood pressure has gone down from 150/105 to 130/80. Blood sugar has been normal.
I’m also down from a 46 waist to a 42- Which doesn’t seem like much, but it makes the difference between being able to buy clothes anywhere versus having to go to the fat guy store.

I was 140 for most of my 20s. Around 30, I quit smoking, got married, and started a desk job, and just started packing it on. My short term goal is to hit 250 by summer, with an ultimate goal of 180, which I think is reasonable for my frame.

So, there’s that. Good luck.


Also worth noting: My mood and energy level have improved A LOT. I have a lifelong history of depression, so this is actually more significant to me than the actual weight loss.


I should do this, right? I should do this… Maybe I’ll do this.


I don’t want to be one of those asshole “ex-whatever” evangelist types, but yeah. It’s worth it.

Start small- Less sugar, more salad, and don’t beat yourself up over every cookie. Don’t worry about eating healthy- Just worry about eating healthier than you did yesterday or last week, even if it’s just by one salad.

Feel good about the little victories, and just let that snowball.


I’m game.

Jan. 1: 147lbs

I want to get back to 126 - 9st.

Since having the munchkin it’s been a real struggle to make time for exercise, and I’ve gradually crept up from 130-135, and it’s time to do something about it. Need to get out running more, rejoined a gym last week. Just got to really force myself to find time. And cut the carbs out. Going to stay away from beer, definitely.

Went through this before in ~2002, when I’d got up to about 155-160, which was way too heavy for me, and I got down to about 120, which was probably a bit too light. I’m going to guess that losing weight in your late 30s is harder than your early 20s.


Okay, fine, you guys guilted me into it… I’m in…

Jan. 3rd: 135

Going for losing maybe 10lbs, so down to 125…

I’ll attempt to cut extra sweets and maybe cut out carbs. I’ll also leave drinking for the weekends only. Since I’ll no longer be able to take advantage of the school’s gym (long story), I might join a gym, since they are rather cheap usual. Or maybe I’ll join the Y or something like that and take a class…

So, we’ll see. :wink:


Jeez I would be skinnier than my kid at that weight…

But yeah I am in, and have been kinda sorta working on getting down from around 220ish by trying to manage calories and lay off the sugary things next up make getting out for a good walk at the least a regular thing and some sort of morning exercise too.


Jan. 3rd: 138 lb.

That’s about right for me, but I haven’t been doing much exercise at all in the last few months. I was in a cycle race in August and spent the second half of it hanging on to groups where I could rather than being able to keep a good pace. I’m not sure what to measure at this point, but I want to work on my stamina and do better this year (or at least avoid middle age spread for another year). I hope to be able to join a gym in the next couple of weeks and start training every 2-3 days.


oohhh-kayyy, I am not 210 pounds any more… as of Jan 3rd I am the wrong side of 220, which is verging on 16 stone. I guess all the food I was constantly eating over the last couple of weeks really stayed with me more than I had thought.

But, the medication I’m taking seems to be working on my back, the stabilising exercises I’ve been practising for the last couple of months mean my shoulders are ready for some heavy lifting and if I could just work out how to touch my toes, I’ll be ready for some HIIT out on the beach. Unless flood water washes me away that is (lots of bad weather around the UK lately too).

So. I’m setting my primary goal at 195 (14 stone) but that should include putting on some muscle whilst lowering the white adipose, and hopefully converting some of that to brown adipose with the help of Wim Hof’s breathing technique, combined with hot/cold therapy for my back. Also going to work in some prajna/nerve induction stuff which really only means 1-2 minutes of deep breathing under the coldest setting of the shower after a regular hot shower.

By March I will:

  • Be indoor climbing again.
  • Work my way through the first two stages of dragon-door’s kettle bell challenge.
  • Be running 20K a week (3-5 sessions).
  • Be meditating first thing in the morning.
  • Drink regular kale/spinach shakes (3-5 a week).
  • Regret having made these promises.


If I can make this work with what I have, I may consider joining the local mega-gym. Maybe. Unless they have really long, annoying contracts. Same for local Gracie Jiu-jitsu class, although that is a more serious commitment so again, only if I can prove myself first.

See you on the other side. Or, y’know, like, here on the bbs every day.

…Oh, and I bought a large container of cod liver oil. Do not do this. Buy the capsules. Glurk!


Sure! I’ve been planning on doing this anyway.

Jan 3: 151 lbs.

My walk around weight is supposed to be 140 so I want to get at least 10 pounds off. Ideally, I want to hit 135 to compete as a lightweight. This is for Muay Thai.

My exercise regiment is pretty simple: tons of running, calisthenics, bag work, pad work, and sparring.

  • 5 mile run each day, 5 days a week.
  • 200 push ups, 500 sit ups, 50 chin ups, 100 dips, 200 squats. Replace with kettlebell classes when my gym offers it. Rest one day in between.
  • 30 minutes of jump rope non-stop.
  • 30 refining technique, 30 min pad-work.
  • 30 min bag work, 30 min sparring.

That’s one day. Sometimes I’ll only be able to squeeze in an hour of Muay Thai.

I haven’t fought in a while and I miss it. Hoping to line up a bout by next fall if I can stay disciplined.

As for diet, well, I think it’s pretty easy since I’m Korean. Lots of flavorful dishes that’re also healthy. I just cut out alcohol and sugary drinks, but I don’t mind cause my favorite drink is barley tea anyway. So plenty of greens, chicken, fish, and soup.

And I don’t buy into the brown rice hype. White rice all the way. Plus it digests a lot faster than brown rice. Eating whole wheat before a training session makes me feel sluggish cause I feel it sitting in my stomach all day.


That looks like 4+ hours/day, 5 days a week! My schedule is really unpredictable, which makes a regular routine difficult to manage (and I’m not good at juggling priorities like this, so that’s my main resolution). I can’t afford to crash my bike, so I’m staying off my road bike during the winter months and a lot of my exercise is just doing everything on my everyday bike. I’m thinking of subscribing to audible again, as I’d like to spend more time exercising without losing all of that useful time from the perspective of my other goals.


How’s this work?

I work out 2-3 days a week at the gym on machines for 35-40 minutes.
I do 20-25 minutes of pilates every day (for my back rehab…for forever…because of disc injury) and see a trainer for that once a week (normally).
I walk 15,000 - 25,000 steps a day.

The walking is up in the last month as I have a treadmill under my standing desk (it was 10-12,000 a day before that).

Of course, I also weighed 209 lb this morning and drink too much beer. The main thing I could be doing that’s better/different is my diet. I don’t think I could really work out more than I do.

My goal weight is to lose 15 - 20 lbs to get down to 190-195. Even as a stick figure in high school, I never weighed less than 168-170 though.

I’d suggest everyone join Fitocracy and form a group there. That’s what I use to track my workouts.


Can I keep the personal specs out and focus on what I want to do? As in: 40 mile bike ride today, or climbed a 100 ft 5.10 today and my joints aren’t hurting?

I’ve got a lot to do to be where I want to again physically. I’m not sure I want to put it all down to weight or size.

(ETA: I still might mention on occasion if I drop 5 pounds or so. :smile: )


I am 203. Was 217 3-4 years ago. Got down to 195 or so but climbed back up. Counting calories and exercising (3 days out of every 4). Once I get back down to 190 I will resume running again. I did a half marathon in Nov 14 at a 12 minute mile pace (ie slow) I want to crush that time this year. Also did a half ironman two months prior – learned to swim, bought a bike … I wasn’t last in my age group but I was back there somewhere. May do a shorter one this year. I dunno, it’s a big commitment I not mentally prepared to sign up for just yet. Ultimately want to get to 180. Haven’t been there since 2000 or so.


I have a lot of respect for runners. Probably because I have never been able to keep it up beyond sprints or 3-4 mile runs. I’ve bicycled over 100 mi in one go more than one time, and have hiked long distances and with heavy loads. Running? Yeah, just can’t do it well in the distance area.


I can’t sprint at all (by bike or on foot) - I have to get into a comfortable rhythm or I choke pretty early on. I found running miserable until I spent some time training and lost some weight, but now it’s a lot more fun.


I’m 5’11" and 210lbs (when not slouching)

Goal: 190lbs and 6’2"

I probably should be around 170-80, but let’s be realistic here. A year in which I do not gain will be great.


Some people love running. I am not quite there. I like it sometimes, hate it others. Generally though, after a half mile I’m calculating how much is left.


Your goal is to get three inches taller?!

How do you plan to accomplish that?