New years resolution: getting fit

Some fabulous Jimmy Choo 3" heels?


Alright, let’s do this.
Jan 4th: 214 lbs
I will be more active this year- I live really close to some excellent mountain biking trails, and my kids are (mostly) old enough that getting out doesn’t mean the wife gets left with mayhem.
I used to be SUPER active- rock climbing 30 hours a week, or riding bikes a couple hundred miles a week- but seven years ago (!) I had my first kid and it all went to hell. I weighed 235 after that, and I felt gross.
I’ve done better since then- I’ve gotten (just) below 200 a few times, and I’ve felt (somewhat) better. But it’s time to get back to being fit- I know (based on time constraints alone) that I’ll not be as fit as I was in my 20’s. That’s ok- I don’t have that sort of time to sink into it. But I’d like to weigh 185 (but I’d be pretty happy at 190…). I’m 6’ 1", and while all the “charts” say I should weigh between 140 (!) and 180, with my build and musculature, that’s not reasonable (let alone wise). I’ve have to loose muscle for that, and I’m not interested in doing that.
Sorry this is long. Sometimes I think aloud.


Like @OtherMichael could afford Jimmy Choo with all those babbies he has!


OK, I’m in. …the pantry!!! lol. No, I’m in, just getting my brain awake.


Are you critiquing my goals?


I’m 6’2" (probably more like 6’1.5") and somewhere over 270.

I read an article a couple weeks ago about someone in that range who lost 100 pounds in 2015 by walking for an hour every day, without setting any other goals and making no conscious/targetted changes to his diet. He was younger than me and presumably not stuck taking meds that have a side effect of promoting weight gain. But still, I was somewhat inspired by the story.

I want to lose weight, but my higher priority is better blood sugar and health overall. I’m not going to set any numeric targets, but I’m going to commit to a non-trivial amount of intentional exercise (likely to mostly be walking or stationary biking) for a strong majority of days. How’s that?


Weight loss as a side effect of a healthy lifestyle change is, I’d say, exactly the right way to go about getting healthier.


No, I just want to know how you plan to go about achieving them, so I can bottle it and sell it.

I’m sure there are plenty of people who’d love to grow a few extra inches.


Yes. Yes yes yes. The numbers are arbitrary. When I lived in Coburg I walked 4 miles five days a week on Old, beautiful country roads. That was worth it in itself.


I’ll get the scale out when I get home but Ill throw my hat in while the iron is hot. (Let it go)

Date: Jan 4th
Wheight: Around 92 Kilos (Let it go)
Goal: 75

My biggest problem is my diet, that’s relatively simple, the hardest part will be getting more exercise in, its really hard to find the time for this with the activities I have scheduled around here right now I’m basically spending 3 to 6 hours commuting every day.


THIS THIS THIS! Well my commute isn’t that bad but 9 hours of work+lunch plus 2 to 3 hours of commute time… and I have time for what after that? As I have housework and other things to be done.


Walk everywhere if you don’t already. And if you walk, then walk fast, depending upon your attire, schedule, and weather. And take the stairs as often as is possible or efficient. If anything, it’s a good way to keep up the metabolism, and over longer distances, it’s great exercise.

I was in the best possible health when I got into the habit of riding my bike everywhere possible…that said I have lost half a suitcase of beer because drunken me thought riding home with two suitcases of same would render me heroic. Which it did, but really more of a bloody, bruised, beer-covered heroic with 1.5 suitcases of beer to share.

EDIT: Actually, the biking combined with the ease of doing all the things I love. When in Northern California, I could ride my bike home from work, stop at the house to grab my board and change into a wetsuit, and then surf for ~2, 2+ hours, in addition to having great hiking and biking trails damn near everywhere. East Coast surfing hasn’t compared for me yet, and dayum the Atlantic gets cold in the winter!


I’ve been keeping track of calories in and calories out since the beginning of last year. I’ve been using My Fitness Pal, an app/website which annoys me in some aspects, but if nothing else I’m pretty consistent about keeping track of what I eat. (Note that “keeping track” can be pretty passive – “yep, I ate that piece of Chocolate. Duly noted.”)

Today I’m at 183.9, down from a high of 186. But outside of the holidays it’s been hovering around 175, and I’ve had it lower than that a few times. I’m 5’7" and probably ought to be around 160 if not lower.

The weight is only part of it, though – there are some numbers that I have to improve (LDL, glucose).

I was pretty good about running for 30 minutes 2 or 3 times a week, and then my ankles and knees started bothering me. Plus I was running in the woods (it’s more convenient; behind the house), which meant catching ticks in Lyme disease country. I still walk everyday, which the Doc says is OK if I don’t shilly-shally. (I try to do >12,000 steps but some days it’s more like 7,000).

I can’t honestly say that I’ve improved my diet, at least not very much – when I was running I figured that I was cancelling most or all of that out. Now, not so much.



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30 minutes for the 5 mile run and 30 min for calisthenics. Muay Thai class is only an hour, and that’s split about 30/30 with pad/bag work and some sparring. It clocks in to around 2 hours a day, 1 hour a day if I don’t feel like staying for a second class.

For a professional fighter, my routine is considered a warm-up. If I was clocking in over 4 hours a day, I’d be approaching the professional range.

I’m lucky in that I work my own hours but I know the feeling of having an unpredictable schedule. As a journalist, I can’t predict when a big story in my industry breaks, then suddenly we’re scrambling for our contacts and setting up Skype calls.

Audible is a great idea! I prefer listening to podcasts over music when I’m doing my LDRs. I’ve been trying to get into radio dramas lately and Limetown has gotten me hooked. Each episode is about 30 minutes so it also helps me time my runs.


I walk when I can, though I’ve been thinking of going random places and talking walks about town…



Purple carrots, broccoli, haricots vert, red onion, chopped ginger, chopped garlic (let it sit for 10 minutes after smashing but before chopping), turmeric, pepper and lemon stir fried in coconut oil and apple cider vinegar.

Thanks BBSers, for the motivation to eat the way I know to be healthy!


I know it’s all relative but jesus h… you’re in good shape bro.


I listen to all of my podcasts while working out or during the two or three hours a day I’m walking.


I know right? I’ve never ever been a fighter, but in my early twenties I did two hours a day and felt great. May have been the exercise or the twenties though :slight_smile:

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